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  • Why buy a KT 1000 arthrometer when you can get a GNRB? Did I tear my ACL? TOP 5 ACL diagnostic tests KT-1000 / KT-2000 / GNRB comparison Sports related to ACL Injuries 11 ACL fast facts Arthrometers: Enhance knee injury treatment Knee Stability/Instability Diagnostic Device Knee physical exams
  • Pivot Shift Test - Knee Instability Evaluation
  • Lachman Test - ACL assessment
  • Anterior Drawer Test - ACL assessment
  • ACL Rehab: How are arthrometers crucial to recover from ACL Surgery? New arthrometer NEW GNRB / ROTAM Research Studies GNRB Knee Arthrometer: More than just objective results on the ACL... The Future of Treating ACL Tears: Arthrometers Where can I order a KT1000 knee ligament arthrometer? KT-1000 vs. GNRB video: Testing the ACL with both arthrometers NEW GNRB STUDY KT1000 Arthrometer : Test Knee Laxity ESSKA BEST E-POSTER AWARD - GNRB ARTHROMETER GENOUROB is at REEDUCA 2019, Paris, France Knee Laxity Arthrometer GNRB involved in more than 30 scientific studies What is Knee Ligamentous Laxity? New Funding from the European Union for the DYNEELAX Project AS MONACO football club has a DYNEELAX ! ACL RECONSTRUCTION SURGERY TECHNIQUES
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  • Chirurgie orthopedique et traumatologie du sport in Paris - France
  • Dr Ramon Cugat in Barcelona - Spain
  • Pr. Yves Tucoulou in Lanzhou - China
  • Pr. Laimonas Siupsinskas in Kaunas - Lithuania
  • Gwangju Veterans Hospital in Gwangju - South Korea
  • Sydney Orthopedic Research Institute - Australia
  • DYNEELAX is present at the AS MONACO football club!
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    What is Laximetry? Knee laxity tests - Genourob's LDA® Method
  • Lachman test (automated)
  • Posterior drawer test (automated)
  • Anterior drawer / Tibial rotation test (automated)
  • Tibial rotation instability test (automated)
  • Anterior Translation + Internal/ External Rotation
  • LDA Method Scientific Studies Arthrometers adapted to your speciality
  • Orthopedics
  • Sport
  • Radiology
  • Functional Rehabilitation
    What is SPINEO? SPINEO Detailed Description Why use SPINEO during rehabilitation ? How does this spine rehabilitation device work?
  • LDA® Couch
  • LDA® Trolley
  • LDA® Biofeedback
  • ACL injury/tear assessment
  • ACL test - Medial rotation
  • PCL injury/tear assessment
  • ACL test - Adapted to x-ray technology
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    GENOUROB, which is headquartered in Laval, France is a French medical device manufacturer.

    In 2007, the best known arthrometers in the world were showing their limitations and shortcomings for some time. It is following this observation that a team of specialists, including medical professionals and partners from universities united to develop an arthrometer with higher precision to meet the requirements of the fast growing healthcare industry.

    The Company was founded by the recognized french orthopaedic surgeon Dr H. Robert and Mr S. Nouveau, who did medical and paramedical studies and currently serves as the company's CEO. Today, the GNRB arthrometer is perhaps the best representation of the result obtained following their collaboration. This device, which is the company's initial project, quickly gained international recognition in the orthopaedic field and placed Genourob in the worldwide leading position of arthrometer manufactering.

    Dr H. Robert - Orthopaedic Surgeon & Co-founder

    Dr H. Robert - Orthopaedic Surgeon & Co-founder

    Innovation and determination being core values of the growing company, Genourob rapidly distinguished itself from other medical devices manufacturers evolving in the orthopedic industry. Effectively analyzing the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and developing the techniques of managing patients suffering from ACL injuries was therefore the company's main goal. The GNRB arthrometer especially rose to fame as it showed breakthrough by allowing doctors and physiotherapists to follow the state of the ACL graft after surgery (automation of drawer test allows control of the force applied on the tibia) in addition to diagnosing ACL tears. This medical device was also the world's first automated arthrometer and uses a patented method created by Genourob to assess the ACL: the LDA® Method.

    Mr S. Nouveau - CEO & Co-founder

    Mr S. Nouveau - CEO & Co-founder

    Over the years Genourob kept investing in research & development, which always remained the company's main strategy to grow. Nowadays, the company widened its horizon and puts all its efforts in providing medical devices dedicated to the analysis of the many other ligamentous structures in the knee.

    For instance, the DYNEELAX, one of Genourob's latest product destined for orthopaedic surgeons is the first motorized medical device designed for study of the tibial rotation. In addition, medical devices specially designed for the rehabilitation industry are also becoming a part of Genourob's products portfolio.

    A word from the CEO: