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  • Pivot Shift Test - Knee Instability Evaluation
  • Lachman Test - ACL assessment
  • Anterior Drawer Test - ACL assessment
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    The LDA® Method - Objective knee joint laxity test
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  • Anterior drawer / Tibial rotation test (automated)
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    For an optimized functional rehabilitation of the ACL

    The automated dynamic laximetry, LDA®, allows to objectively qualify the development of the graft and to adapt the rehabilitation programme, orientated on adapted dynamic or static exercises, in open or closed chain, proprioceptive approach, muscular strengthening, etc.

    Early qualitative tests without risk

    The more tests at low force (80N at the beginning) are done in early stages, the more postoperative care becomes effective in order to avoid the risk of excessive residual laxity.

    The GNRB test adapts to each patient, the applied pushing forces are without risk to the plasty (less than maximum allowed stress while walking ~ 350N, see Nagura.T.*). Nagura T., Tibiofemoral joint contact…J. Appl Biomech. 2006 ; 22 :305-313

    Shown examplesignificant divergence of the curves, indicating risk of residual laxity and possible adaptation of rehabilitation programm. Patient does not respect the given recommendations.


    Simple and quick tests / recognized results

    To objectively validate the return to sports, especially to pivot-sports, the functional ACL ligament evaluation is the ideal complement to the evaluation of the muscular status, offering a global approach (ligament/muscle) of the knee joint.

    Knowing the functional muscular status is good, but also precisely evaluating the ligament functionality is better!

    The GNRB, dedicated to the functional rehabilitation

    Discover the technical details and the innovations of the devices

    • LDA® Test results
    • Instant calculation of tibia displacement
    • Curves expressing ligament resistance
    • Instant calculation of slopes
    • Chart with registered measures
    • Archiving in patient data-file
    • Results exportable as xls.files
    • Print in pdf.format