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    REHAB IP3 : Anticipatory muscular contraction development

    The REHAB IP3 allows the user to evaluate the muscular reactivity of his patient in addition to what the REHAB offers. It is an efficient propriocetive device that provides objective quantifiable results which gives the patient the opportunity to develop his muscular anticipatory contraction to protect his ACL.

    This device is one of its kind in the world and can be used as complementary of isokinetic exercises. Muscular enhancement after an ACL injury is indeed very important but we at Genourob do not think it is enough. Indeed, we believe that coupling these enhancement exercises with muscular anticipatory contraction development exercises will help the patient protect his ACL and prevent knee stability from resurfacing.

    - Thrust force from 1 to 300 N
    - Registration of the patellar fixation force for reproducibility
    - Control the force applied on the knee
    - Develop the muscular anticipatory contraction to protect the ACL
    - Optimize ligament healing
    - Delivery with PC and software LDA®
    - Dimensions : 845 x 270 x 400mm / 15kg

    Features of the REHAB IP3


    • Registration of patient data
    • Personnalise rehabilitation exercise
    • Allow to see evolution of the patient
    • Archiving in patient data-file
    • Results exportable as xls. files
    • Print in pdf. format

    Note: The REHAB IP3 can be provided with the GNRB Classic / GNRB Rotab / GNRB PCL / GNRB Radio in a single device.